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About Pope County HRA


The Pope County HRA was established in May of 1994. Under Minnesota law an HRA is an independent corporate entity. While its Commissioners are appointed by the Pope County Board of Commissioners it is not an agency or subdivision of the county and its actions are not subject to control by the County Board. Its Commissioners may be removed from office only after hearing and upon finding of "inefficiency, neglect of duty, or misconduct." The Primary objective of HRA's in Minnesota is to plan and implement the development and redevelopment of moderate and low income housing projects within the County. In April of 2011, The Pope County Board of Commissioners granted the HRA powers of an Economic Development Authority under Minnesota Statue 469. The new Pope County HRA/EDA was reconstituted with a seven member Board of Commissioners to develop and redevelop housing throughout Pope County but with a primary emphasis on Economic Development.​

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